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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Latest "Go Undercover At Planned Parenthood" Tactic.....

Found this video produced & sponsored by this group as a pre-roll to my Classic TV streams on Livestream accounts here & here

Needless to say, I was APPALLED when I saw it & have called upon Livestream to pull it off its ad server by posting to their forum here. I encourage you to post there if you find the video as appalling as I do & find it on Livestream's pre-roll ad server

Only with enough pressure will companies like Livestream be held accountable for their actions & make better choices in advertiser clientele

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MIKE COFFMAN TO REPORTER - I Misspoke & I Apologize

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Well Congressman - Make no mistake I AM NOT MISSPEAKING - You WILL be THROWN OUT OF OFFICE this November

I call upon my Progressive neighbors to the south & west of me to see to it that this mission is accomplished - OBAMA 2012 FOUR MORE YEARS !!!!! We start by PUTTING THIS CLOWN ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE !!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt Romney & Union Busting

It appears as though Mitt Romney tried to bust the union of UMass teachers while he was the Governor of Massachusettes back in 2005 as demonstrated in this video produced by Paper City Films


When Mitt Romney Came To Town

The trailer to the full length video below


Credit goes to the Pro-Newt Gingrich SuperPac Winning Your Future. Thanks Newt. Didn't think you had in ya! :) *LOL!*

Friday, January 6, 2012

REPOST - Attack On Labor & The Big 10 Conference Connection

With Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels now adding himself to the DUBIOUS list of Governors trying to bust labor unions, you don't think they saw my original post dated March 26th 2011 on this, do you?

Just in case they did, I figured a repost is in order. Not to worsen things for those in the Big 10 Conference states but rather to MOBILIZE them before it's too late

Wisconsin. Ohio. Indiana. Michigan (Albeit only talk now but since they've got other problems which they're trying to use union busting as a means to solve them). DOES ANYONE SEE A PATTERN HERE

Now for the record, let's make it perfectly clear that we're NOT talking about the Big 10 Conference itself. Just the states which the Conference is in

With that, here is the complete repost from my original post dated March 26th 2011 on this.....


You've all seen & heard the news coming out of Ohio & Wisconsin, haven't you? Well here's what I think is behind it.....

NCAA Football

Yep! You heard me correctly. I said NCAA Football

Now HOW did I reach this "Radical" theory you ask? Simple.

It all started in Wisconsin (Home of the Wisconsin Badgers) as Governor Scott Walker (Eventually) RAMMED his UNION BUSTING JOB KILLING bill through state government. While Badger Country was in a state of political chaos, Ohio Governor (And former Fox News Host) John Kasich figured HE could "Slide" HIS union busting job killing bill through Ohio's legislature. Well he managed to do it (Mainly because the Progressive Democrats didn't have a snowball's chance in hell) but his bill goes too far as HE WENT AFTER POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, EMS WORKERS & OTHER ESSENTIAL FIRST RESPONSE PERSONNEL in addition to teachers & other non-essential state employees.

As someone who has been in the WRONG end of MORE AMBULANCES THAN I CARE TO COUNT & spent more hours in MORE TRIPS TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM THAN I CARE TO COUNT (Including ONE WHICH SAVED MY LIFE I might add!), I was PISSED OFF!!

Now I feel fortunate I live here in Colorado (Which is primarily controlled by Democrats) & not in Ohio or Wisconsin, but still.....

Anyway, now Michigan Governor David Snyder is on the act & wants a piece of the action. That got me to noticing a pattern & wondering what sort of tricks the Republicans were up to in attempting to create YET ANOTHER belt for themselves & their rich friends.

Well I didn't have to go very far to look. In fact, I didn't need to look any further than Wikipedia (You know, the OTHER Wiki-based site that DOES NOT turn national secrets into dirty laundry). What I found was STAGGERINGLY MINDBLOWING.

Take a look.....


IOWA Terry Branstad
(Iowa Hawkeyes)

INDIANA Mitch Daniels (2005)
(Indiana Hoosiers, Purdue Boilermakers)

MICHIGAN David Snyder
(Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans)

NEBRASKA Dave Heineman (2005)
(Nebraska Cornhuskers)

OHIO John Kasich
(Ohio State Buckeyes)

(Penn State Nittany Lions)

WISCONSIN Scott Walker
(Wisconsin Badgers)


(Illinois Fighting Illini, Northwestern Wildcats)

(Minnesota Golden Gophers)



ILLINOIS (Democrat) - 64-54
INDIANA (Republican) - 60-40
IOWA (Republican) - 60-40
MICHIGAN (Republican) - 63-47
MINNESOTA (Republican) - 72-62
OHIO (Republican) - 59-40
PENNSYLVANIA (Republican) - 112-91
WISCONSIN (Republican) - 60-38 (1 Independent)


ILLINOIS (Democrat) - 35-24
INDIANA (Republican) - 37-13
IOWA (Democrat) - 26-24
MICHIGAN (Republican) - 26-12
MINNESOTA (Republican) - 37-30
OHIO (Republican) - 23-10
PENNSYLVANIA (Republican) - 30-20
WISCONSIN (Republican) - 19-14


GOVERNORSHIPS (Republican) 8-1
HOUSE (Republican) 540-412-1 with 7 of 9 states (1 Nonpartisan)
SENATE (Republican) 220-160 with 7 of 9 states (1 Nonpartisan)


* 8 Of 9 New Big 10 Conference States Have Republican Governors. Of those, only TWO are incumbents (Indiana's Mitch Daniels & Nebraska's Dave Heineman). Nebraska is the newest member of the new Big 10 (Or the LONE remaining member of the OLD Big 12, depending on how you look at it

* Republicans control 7 of 9 states in BOTH the House & Senate with Illinois & Iowa being the lone Democratic strongholds (Iowa in the Senate ONLY) in the new Big 10 Conference & Nebraska being a Nonpartisan state in the legislative branch. Because of this, Nebraska was only counted in the state total but NOT counted in the seat total

Toss out Nebraska (Since they are the newest member to the conference & have a Nonpartisan State Legislature & Senate) & the Republicans STILL hold 6 of 8 states in the old Big 10 Conference with Illinois & Iowa being the lone Democrat strongholds

If THAT creating a new "Bible Belt", I dunno what is then.....


List Of Current United States Governors
List Of Current United States Legislatures

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes Republicans, America DOES Need MORE JOBS

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS flexes its muscle of HYPOCRACY yet again.....

Lemme see if I got this straight.....

FIRST they want us to hold President Obama accountable FOR DOING SOMETHING WHICH THE REPUBLICANS HAD A HAND IN

THEN they call out the President for not having a jobs plan

THEN their buddies in the Republican Party SLAM the plan the President lays out WITHOUT EVEN TAKING A VOTE

AND THEN those very same buddies BLACKMAIL the President & the Democrats into passing a bill which contains provisions for their precious pipeline (AKA PORK BARREL) project that's supposed to address the issue

I dunno 'bout you but to me, this has ALL the classic earmarkings of the Republicants not only being against the creation of new jobs but also trying to CONTROL THE TYPES OF JOBS AMERICANS WILL BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN as well

Republicants, PLEASE feel free to "Correct" me on any of this as I wanna make sure I understood it correctly & am not leaving any stones unturned :)

Ohh well.....These HOPELESSLY CLUELESS BRAINLESS MORONS will quickly find out that America doesn't like to be CONTROLLED & WILL NOT STAND for being treated like A JAILHOUSE CHAIN GANG WORK RELEASE CREW for their pet PORK BARREL projects. That's because we'll have a THROW OUT THE BUMS election in 2012 which will make the 1994 one seem like a distant memory as this generation of Republicants WILL FIND THEMSELVES ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE RIGHT ALONGSIDE SCOTT WALKER & NEWT GINGRICH (The latter of whom President Obama will gladly politically behead)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Content Theft REVISTED

Apparently SOMEONE still thinks we still live in the era of the original Napster.....

Isn't there ALREADY a law in the books covering this? I think so.....

Obviously SOMEONE forgot about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998

This is just ANOTHER attempt by FOR PROFIT organizations (Like the Motion Picture Association Of America perhaps?) to keep Congress busy doing things other than what they SHOULD be doing - WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE !!!!!